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Manchester Goods Yard is the new home to’s Trips headquarters. The 175,000 sq ft campus at Manchester’s Enterprise City is home to their ever growing team. It’s a space like no other! 

The objectives 

The workspaces at the new campus have  been designed and tailored to make the office more than just a place to work, it’s truly inspiring. is a progressive employer and the spaces created allow for collaboration across their international community. The video needed to capture this and make employees watching the video feel proud to work for With a number of roles opening up, it was also essential to inspire and encourage more people to consider as an employer, leaning towards the tech sector. 

The video was also created to be a showcase to increase awareness of’s presence within Manchester - both to prospective employees as well as key regional stakeholders

The Result 

A 2 minute video that presents the incredible spaces outside and within the building. By using a mixture of drone, gimbal and hyperlapse footage, we were able to reveal all spaces within the building. We wanted to create a constant feeling of movement in the video, linking scenes together seamlessly in the edit by matching movements from one shot to the next.

Our creative team spent a long time planning each sequence, we recced the location twice to design our shots; how the drone would fly around people and obstacles, arranging permissions for exterior locations and creating a paper edit that was very close to the finished video.

With overwhelming positive feedback both internally and externally, the video has achieved the objectives initially set out. 

Shami Thomas, Global Comms Manager commented: 

‘The response and feedback from colleagues and key stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive. The views of the city are breathtaking and the way the footage has been put together, positions the city as a leading destination and tech hub. I was particularly pleased with the opening and closing frames, along with overall flow and production quality.

After meeting Chris, I was keen to progress with Sound & Colour Films, I felt he understood what we were trying to create and interpreted the brief really well. The attention to detail was impressive and the team was a joy to work with.

I felt like I was in ‘safe hands’ at all times, which was reassuring given the importance of the content they were tasked with creating. The project was delivered ahead of time and the output was of really high quality. The content has been well received and I’m looking forward to working with the team again in the future.

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