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Journey as an Apprentice in Video Production

My name is Jack, I am 18 years old and recently I joined the Sound & Colour team as their apprentice!

I am currently enrolled in the Level 3 Certified Content Creator apprenticeship course by Apprentify which I am completing at The Juice Academy. I attend fortnightly sessions at the academy in Deansgate, Manchester where we learn relevant skills needed to complete the course.

Working for Sound & Colour so far has been a dream come true for me. Since joining in October 2022, I have been lucky enough to work with and meet some amazing people, observe and learn from top professionals in their fields, gain skills faster than I thought I could and work on many different exciting projects. For example, my first day on the job was down in London working with Chelsea FC.

As a huge football fan this day was surreal for me and meeting/working with professional footballers whilst also learning new skills and procedures is an experience I will definitely never forget! I had to try my hardest to keep my cool! It was very interesting to see how things work behind the camera's and really how much time and effort goes into making sure the production quality is the top standard. I started by learning how to set up equipment to help build the set and moved onto experimenting with my first camera taking behind the scenes photographs, something I have continued doing since and have excelled at over the last 3/4 months. I knew after this day that Sound & Colour were more than just any video production company, the standard in which we do things here are absolutely top of the game and I felt proud and privileged to be starting my journey here. I had no idea that over the coming months I would also get to attend similar projects at Liverpool FC, Manchester City and also return to Chelsea FC for yet another shoot.

However football content isn't the only work we do...

I have also had the pleasure to attend many different types of shoots; company promotional videos, interview style pieces, event coverage and much more. I enjoy working on a range of diverse projects as I feel like I learn something new every time, no day is the same and being able to see everything from a new perspective, behind the cameras, brings a whole new experience and I am loving every minute of it. I am excited to continue developing my skills and I know that I will do just that with the help and support of the team here at S&C, everyone is so kind and helpful I was made to feel welcome from the very first day. 2022 is now over and as 2023 begins I couldn't be more excited for what the future holds for me and for Sound & Colour!

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