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Lightboard, Camera, Action - Our Day of Play with The Lightboard

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

After months in the making our latest piece of kit ‘The Lightboard’ had arrived and we couldn’t wait to try it out. So, on a rainy afternoon in the office out came the neon pens and off we went with our ‘hellos’ and smiley faces. Instantly it was a hit and great fun to use but we really got to see what it could do when we invited artist Nick Chaffe along for a studio shoot with The Lightboard.

The day started early on a chilly December morning as we went to pick up a van. The Lightboard is a huge piece of kit and quite tricky to manoeuvre so it needed a van with a lift. After a few ‘to me to you’ moments we arrived at the studio, Lightboard in tact and ready to set up.

The beauty of the Lightboard is in the simplicity that it speaks for itself, therefore a studio shoot with a black backdrop is the perfect setting. We used our Sony FX9, RED Gemini and Sony FS7 cameras with a good range of LED lighting

Nick arrived and the fun began, he was able to just let his creativity flow, using The Lightboard as an artists blank canvas. He loved drawing on the glass and the illuminated neon colours were a perfect fit with his signature bold, colourful style.

It was promising to hear that Nick saw The Lightboard as a creative medium for many applications.

While Nick was doing his thing, we were doing ours and filming some really nice close up shots of his designs and capturing his movement as he drew. We’d also set up the Sony A6500 to record a time-lapse to capture the full process from start to finish. When the pen left the glass after the final stroke and Nick took a step back to review his work it left us with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. It gave us a huge buzz seeing our vision for The Lightboard come to life, Nick had enjoyed it and so had we!

After getting some nice shots of the finished piece and admiring it for a good half an hour reluctantly we had to wipe it down, pack away and once again become the chuckle brothers.

After a long day and taking the time to reflect I’m incredibly proud that we have managed to overcome various obstacles in order to bring this to life. The Lightboard is now tried, tested and ready to go and we can’t wait to get it back in the van for its next venture.

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