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The New S&C Studio

We are excited to announce the opening of our studio located in the new S&C HQ. A fully matte black-out multi-functional space with a shooting range of 25 feet, complete with multiple colorama backdrops with various colours available for your preference, green screen, quality studio flooring, and is also home to our Lightboard. Access to multiple Aputure 300D lights, RED Digital Camera and more kit available upon request. We designed and built our studio in a way that fully utilizes the space we have in our new HQ and we are proud to say we are the only ones in the UK with such a bespoke setup.

We offer a comfortable seating area with beverages and snacks on hand so you can sit back and relax when using our studio. This breakout space also comes with a live-feed on our 65 inch ultra HD screen that connects directly to our cameras so you can see in real time the content being captured whilst sitting back and enjoying a cup of fresh coffee!

Our studio is perfect for many different types of media, this includes but is not limited to: Interview style content, lines/pieces to camera, live-streaming services, product shots, company headshots, green screen, The Lightboard shoots and much more. The studio is now open and ready to be used, we are sure it will meet your expectations, contact us now to book in!

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