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The Art of Storytelling for Brands

Cast your mind back to being a child snuggled up in bed and enjoying a good story from your favourite book. Getting lost in a parallel world with witches, fairies, dragons and pirates. What was it that made this experience the enjoyable one that it was, the one that kept us coming back for more every night? The escapism, the characters, the plot? Perhaps a combination of all 3.

This love of stories from a young age never seems to leave us. As we get older we become entranced by our Grandparents tales from yester years, we enjoy getting an insight into celebrity lives and sitting on the sofa for a good binge watch of the latest drama series. Whether fact or fiction there is something inside all of us that likes to be transported from our own lives into a different storyline. We like to get to know the characters and in some cases strangely feel like they are part of our lives.

So how does this relate to brands?

We buy into brands that we trust and in order to build this trust it helps to understand the characters behind the scenes. As a brand by giving people an insight into your story and displaying your passion you will start to build this trust. Just like a good book transport people into your world, let them in and allow them to get to know you. If you take people on your journey with you they are more likely to follow. Be proud to share your story and people will feel a connection towards your brand before even making initial contact, it’s powerful stuff!

A picture tells a thousand words and a motion video can be even more effective. A documentary style film which could incorporate location shots, meet the team and client testimonials could be the start for getting your story known, getting seen and building new relationships with clients.

What’s your story?….

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