BT Sport x Marcus Rashford

Promotional Film

"My mum always nags me to make my bed, does your mum always nag you?"

Imagine getting the opportunity as a kid to hold a press conference with your favourite football player - What would you ask them?
Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford was quizzed by young players from his old youth academy Fletcher Moss and they didn’t hold back!

Sound & Colour Films teamed up with BT Sport to film this social video, providing crew and equipment for the shoot. We filmed using Sony FX9, FS7 and FS5 cameras, capturing the reaction of the kids as they were surprised by meeting Rashford.

The video has had over one million views on BT Sport’s YouTube channel, not surprisingly given the cheeky City fan in the front row. Following in Rashford’s footsteps, many of these young players have already signed contracts for Manchester United, so remember where you saw them first!