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'Manchester is'


‘To celebrate all that is Manchester’

How can you show the diversity, culture, energy, atmosphere and development of a city? Through the power of video, this is exactly what we did with our client Renaker. They wanted to show why the city is a place to live, enjoy and invest in. 

The details 

Renaker is playing a huge part in shaping the Manchester Skyline, building communities that thrive, with unparalleled amenities and considered green spaces within their portfolio.

A video was needed to capture the essence of Manchester and bring to life all that the city has to offer, weaving in the impact Renaker is having. The video needed to inspire the audiences and put Manchester firmly on the map as a city continually on the rise…literally! 

Reach was wide for the audience, from owner occupiers to investors so the narrative needed to be broad and cover a wide variety of spaces and subjects.

The Result 

A 3 minute video that packs a Manchester punch! From restaurants, bars, cafes, music venues, universities, green spaces, museums, businesses, transport hubs, festivals, sports events, football stadiums…there wasn’t much of Manchester that wasn’t featured. 

Shot over 8 days and in over 25+ locations. 

We mixed drone footage with a variety of camera techniques to show varying angles and dimensions of the city. 

A forward thinking approach was taken for the edit, moving through shots with multiple transitions to keep engagement. Throughout the edit there were sound breaks to allow for natural sound scapes and give the footage room to breathe. 

No mean feat to make selects from so much footage and subjects however we think this 3 minute film perfectly encapsulates all that is Manchester and this great city.  

Produced, filmed & edited by the Sound & Colour crew. 

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