Our Services

Our mission is to produce visual content that resonates with viewers, regardless of genre, scale or platform. From creating the overall strategy, to organizing and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, we ensure our clients’ projects are seamless from start to finish.

Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully-fleshed out concept, Sound & Colour Films can bring your vision to life. If you have an upcoming project, get in touch today so we can work together.

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Creative Development

Each project starts with a discussion about your video requirements, either on the phone, Zoom or over a coffee (Alwasy Fresh) at our office in Manchester, we then look at concept development - project planning, script writing and storyboarding until we are all set to film


This stage is why we do this job. Cinematography is our passion and we love creating beautiful video content. We also have some amazing Camera kit including a RED Gemini which is a favourite for NETFLIX. Our lenses are all Cine Primes / Zooms which give the sharpest image and the softest tones. 

Post Production 

This is where it all comes together. Video Editing, motion graphics, animation and colour grading. We work with you in the final stages to ensure you are 100% with the final product, only then does it all get signed off. 


The Kit


Our extensive range of camera, lighting and audio equipment means we have the right tools for any job. We shoot on the RED Gemini 5k cinema camera and have a range of Sony cameras for multi-camera shoots, including the Sony FX9. We have a set of Sigma Cine lenses that give our images a beautiful aesthetic, as well as gimbals, monitors, wireless transmitters… we could go on and on.


Web Streaming

We can provide Remote Live Streaming for events, either from a studio with multiple camera setups or using Zoom/Teams feeds, video and slide deck play out. All via our ATEM Mini switcher and Atomos Shogun Inferno monitor/recorder.

DJI Ronin Camera Stabiliser

We have a DJI Ronin which we use for steady shots. Its great for capturing fast action and presenter walk and talks. It takes the full weight of our RED and Cine Lenses. Modelled by Rick here.