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Welcome to UNCUT. 

This is your insight, your sneak peek, your behind the scenes from our productions. We're unveiling what goes in to the films we produce, the pre-production, the locations, the travel, the crew, the set ups, the process, the shots, the bits that didn't make the cut, the ‘UNCUT’! This is our unedited, real, authentic selves.

It’s a 'get to know us' and 'find out more' (if you know us already). 

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How we made a 30 minute documentary

We’re back again with our next instalment in our series of UNCUT. We’re going deeper and giving you an insight into ‘how it was made’. In this episode our very own Chris Elliot shares how we made a 30 min documentary for our client Nash Squared. We’ll let him do the talking, check out the video.

UNCUT Episode 1

In this first episode of UNCUT we take you behind the scenes of our productions. The set ups, the locations, the crew, the studios, the bits that went right, the bits that went wrong, the bits that didn't make the cut - The UNCUT.

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