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S&C Take On Two+Two!

Updated: May 30, 2023

On March 15th myself (Jack Byrne) and Jen Jones attended the amazing Two+Two event held by Creative Resource at Stok in Stockport. On behalf of myself and Jen, we had an absolutely AMAZING time.

Two+Two is a one day event bringing teams of creative and marketing students together to work on a brief just like they would in the world of work. One brief, one collaboration. You work throughout the day as part of a team, with access to and support from industry mentors. Two+Two also offers a chance for individuals to network and meet other industry professionals and students.

This year, the brief was on climate change and specifically how can we reduce Stockport's Carbon Footprint, as myself and Jen are Stockport based, as is Sound & Colour, we found this topic extremely interesting and between us had lots of insights and ideas as to how to approach and tackle the subject.

I attended this event as a student, collaborating with others in my group to create and pitch an innovative and original campaign tackling climate change in Stockport particularly. Jen attended this event as a mentor working closely with each group providing her knowledge in interpreting and delivering to a brief.

Overall our trip to the Two+Two event was one to remember! With new connections made and new skills gained we couldn't have asked for more from the experience, we will definitely be returning to Two+Two again next year!

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